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Coronavirus - (COVID-19). Guidance for social distancing can be found on this Government website.

It is good to see the High Street looking a little busier following the easing of some of the Covid restrictions. Additional seating for some of the 'eateries' has been welcomed - just a shame the weather has not been kinder.

I have just heard that the public conveniences in the Town (not the disabled amenity) are to be closed for refurbishment. Not before time, but it is a shame that EHDC allowed them to become so run down that a closure has become necessary. Not sure of timescales for the closure but you would hope that temporary facilities will be put in place.

Congratulations to Jeff Jones on his re-election as Hertfordshire County Council ward member for Buntingford.

It was fairly obvious from social media posts leading up to the election that there are many dissatisfied residents looking for a raft of changes - it is equally obvious that many residents do not have an understanding of who is responsible for what and how the system works. Anyone can attend Council meetings, so if you are serious about trying to influence change go along to a few meetings to see how decisions are made. And please, always remember if you use social media to get points across, political comments are valid - personal ones are not.

The new Cemetery was officially opened on 30th April by Town Mayor Councillor Graham Waite. A plaque was unveiled in memory of Eunice Woods, former Town Councillor and Town Mayor of Buntingford. Eunice was also for many years Chair of the Buntingford Relief in Need Charity and the land for the Cemetery was donated by the Charity to Buntingford Town Council.

Graham Bonner, Chairman, Buntingford Civic Society

If you have any queries about Buntingford Civic Society or issues you would like to raise, you can email the Chairman direct at chairman@buntingfordcivic.org.uk.

The June issue of the Buntingford Journal will be available from the usual retailers from 28th May.

More information about the Buntingford Civic Society can be found here and membership forms can be found here.

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