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First of all I would like to wish all Journal readers a very happy and healthy New Year and I trust that most of you were able to enjoy your festive break and celebrate the New Year in style. I am sure that 2020 will bring its share of good and bad but let's all try to start the year with a positive outlook.

The seniors' Christmas dinner was held once again at the community centre and was a great success. Over 100 people attended as guests and were wined and dined by an army of helpers. The Buntingford Community Choir again provided the enjoyable musical interlude and our thanks go to them. Thanks to Councillor Jeff Jones for arranging the event and to Mr and Mrs Basra for donating the wine.

The 31st December marked the end of an era in Buntingford with the retirement of Sgt Duncan Wallace after 31 years of sterling service. The occasion was marked with an impromptu ceremony at the police station attended by fellow police officers and many members of the public. Superintendent Liversedge presented Sgt Wallace with a commemorative certificate and Town Mayor Graham Waite presented a gift from the Town (left). Our huge thanks go to Sgt Wallace for his service and we wish him and his wife Jane all the very best for the future.

The River Rib project continues with ideas being investigated on how to improve the river flow and cut down on the foliage which finds its way into the river. As with most things, there are solutions but they all cost money. Discussions with the Environment Agency continue.

There is much talk around the country and in Parliament about the demise of the High Street and what needs to be done to halt the decline. Although we are lucky to have a fairly eclectic and useful array of shops in our High Street, I am sure that it would welcome more regular shoppers. I have discussed the issue with the Chamber of Commerce and I would welcome any views from readers as to how the High Street could improve its public appeal - please email me at chairman@buntingfordcivic.org.uk.

Graham Bonner, Chairman, Buntingford Civic Society

If you have any queries about Buntingford Civic Society or issues you would like to raise, you can email the Chairman direct at chairman@buntingfordcivic.org.uk.

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