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STOP Harlow North

STOP Harlow north has released a short film produced by prize winning filmmaker David Paul Irons to draw attention to the real threat to rural East Herts from Harlow North. The press release is also available on this site.

The opinions of Buntingford Civic Society members on this matter are actively invited. Contact details can be found here.

High Speed Broadband for Buntingford

BT is running a fibre optic broadband competition. Five areas with the largest percentage of votes by 31/12/2010 will win the chance to bring superfast broadband to their area. This would benefit all internet users in the area, not just BT subscribers. It could also be a significant boost to the local economy. To support the cause for Buntingford please go to the BT website and follow the instructions to register your vote.

Have a voice - Things National and Local

The meeting between Civic Society members and Cllr. Mike Carver and Bryan Thomsett resulted in an improved understanding of the issues behind the EHC Core Strategy Consultation.

It is clear that EHC are truly seeking your input on how East Herts should develop over the coming years. From the floor many good points were made especially concerning essential infrastructure (water, sewerage, power) being in place prior to development, concern was expressed about high dependency on private cars and the totally inadequate public transport system in this area. The vision put forward for the district by EHC is appealing but it will be a major challenge to meet the needs of 3000 on the waiting list for affordable housing, also provide family homes and at the same time create jobs to reduce commuting and on top of that deliver schooling, health care and multiple other services.

A number of townsfolk are working with Cllr. John Warren to produce a Buntingford Town Plan, which will influence the Local Development Framework adopted by East Herts. It addresses these topics and is clear that any development in Buntingford is gradual and that the fundamental character of the Town remains unchanged. The 'Localism' that we are hearing about seems to be genuine which means communities should not be ridden roughshod over by central directives - we shall see!

The first AGM of Civic Voice, our new national body, was held on 8/9 October and went very well. In the six months since its launch the position is 258 groups and 68,000 members. It is clear that Civic Voice is being heard in high places promoting civic pride and making the places where everyone lives more attractive, enjoyable and distinctive. Through our website use the link to Civic Voice and see for yourself the paper by chair Paula Ridley and presentation by director Tony Burton, you will be encouraged.

The future of Buntingford's Christmas Lights has come to the fore largely on financing but it is more than that. For many, many years a few volunteers have done the hard work to make it happen and it is time that successors came forward who will continue that good work. The beneficiaries are obviously the people of Buntingford, retailers with late night shopping and the overall enhancement of the High Street, but also the prestige brought to the Town Council when it can proudly show the lights to its guests on switching-on night and show what a lively, caring community Buntingford is.

Derek K Cooper, Chairman.

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