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‘You DO Have A Voice’

This is the month when we are all asked to renew our Civic Society subscription. There is widespread information on ‘what we do’ and certain things, such as town boundary signs and planting, we pass every day and each Christmas enjoy the contribution BCS makes to the outstanding lights in and around the High Street.

There are other things which are not seen or immediately recognisable. Examples are a financial contribution to the wellbeing of the Town’s young people. The Scouts, Youth Club and schools have all been supported by BCS grants, as well as Freman College. In fact the Civic Society committee has just recently agreed to contribute £1000 to Freman College Sports Hall equipment.

Members of the committee, with others (BARD, Chamber of Commerce), take a very active part in a wide range of community issues and top of the list is planning and monitoring Local Plan to District Plan developments by EHDC. The authority to do this is related to our constitution but above all to the large membership we enjoy, which gives BCS a voice to be heard. This is the greatest benefit you gain by being a member and something to bear in mind when you are asked for support on issues.

Readers will be aware that BCS has for some time been encouraging Buntingford Town Council to engage professional help on planning. We are pleased to confirm that Jed Griffiths, a senior planning consultant, has been engaged to provide expertise when it is deemed necessary. BCS has agreed to commit a substantial sum of money to this important development, matching that of BTC. A good example of having a voice and even of localism!

This month the Civic Societies from Bishops Stortford, Hertford, Ware and Buntingford will be holding, in Buntingford, a briefing and discussion meeting for district councillors on the CPRE analysis of the problems arising from the National Planning Policy Framework.

A further example of having a voice.

Derek K Cooper,

Chairman, Buntingford Civic Society

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