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Buntingford Civic Society

As this is my first article for the Buntingford Journal, I thought I would like to try something slightly different from what has gone before. However, at present trying to write about a subject other than Planning is difficult, as it is a fact of life that Buntingford is being attacked by developers and land owners, who know that the land they would like to develop does not form part of the emerging EHDC District Plan. One instance of this is Wheatley Homes. As you probably know they, along with Taylor Wimpey, took EHDC to a Planning Inquiry and won, although it is widely felt that the Inspector would have reached a different decision if EHDC had an up-to-date District Plan and had defended their original decision. Flushed with their success Wheatley have submitted two more outline planning applications to develop the rest of the land south of Hare Street Road, east of Snells Mead, with a further 180 dwellings. In an effort to force these applications through they have advised EHDC that they will appeal to the Inspectorate for non-determination on 20th June, a flagrant use of ‘bully boy’ tactics and an example of just how much they care about the town and its existing residents.

The Journal has been, and will continue to be, one of the instruments for informing Buntingford residents and BCS members alike as to the different stages of the various housing developments proposed for the town. We have been working tirelessly alongside the Town Council, Chamber of Commerce and BARD to try to get the best deal we can from the developers to benefit the people of the Town at large.

On a lighter note, by the time you read this I hope we will all have enjoyed another glorious, sunny, AMAZING Carnival Day. The High Street was awash with coloured bunting, there were many and varied stalls. Street performers delighted the crowds and the variety of live music suited all tastes. The BCS stall was visited by many people, some of whom joined the Society, taking advantage of our ‘special’ deal for the day. Thanks and welcome to you all. The parade was lively and fully encompassed this year’s theme, ‘Television – Past and Present’. Let’s see if my dream comes true! Whatever happens, our thanks as a town must go to the Carnival Committee, led by Ashley Cantor, who spend many hours organising this event so it goes with a swing. Thanks Ashley, to you and your committee, along with the many others who volunteer to help on the day.

As Paul, my Co-Chairman, mentioned in the June issue, we would like your views on the Journal. What do you think of its size, structure and layout? Let us know what you think!!

And finally, the other night I watched the waxing moon ride across the zenith of the heavens like an ambered chariot towards the ebony void of infinite space wherein the tethered belts of Jupiter and Mars hang forever festooned in their orbital majesty. And as I looked at all this I thought ... I must put a roof on this toilet! Thanks for reading.

Graham Waite, BCS Co-Chairman

If you have any queries about Buntingford Civic Society or issues you would like to raise, you can now email the Chairman direct at chairman@buntingfordcivic.org.uk.

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