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Buntingford Journal Archive

Buntingford Civic Society is now providing archive copies of old Buntingford Journals on this web site. Journals will be made available from the date when the journal was prepared in a suitable format for web publication. The first archive journal to be released is from September 2008.

It is hoped that over the years this will provide an interesting window on how the journal has covered the events that shape the history of Buntingford.

The journal is a very important resource for the town in its printed form. To ensure that it remains this way, archive copies will only be released to the web site approximately two years after publication. Access to more recent journals will only be in the normal printed form.

You need the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your machine to view the journals. You can download it from here. Once the Acrobat Reader is installed, click on the date of the journal you wish to view in the list to the left.


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