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Have a voice - It's cold

At the time of writing the temperature is below freezing and there are forecasts of more snow.

The pre-Christmas snowfall looked wonderful and children on holiday were having great fun sledging and snowballing. It wasn't much fun negotiating the High Street and side roads when snow turned to slush and then impacted ice. Out and about was treacherous and hazardous to young and old alike, with the risk of falls and serious injury. It poses the question - why aren't retailers and householders required to clear frontages to their properties? In more northern countries it is the case and life goes on more or less normally when there are snowfalls. Here we descend into chaos without good reason.

Congratulations to Inspector Kennedy and his colleagues and partners on the quick start to the Community Pride initiative. The garden and frontage to the Baldock Road police station is looking good and the traditional blue lamp is a pleasing addition. Let's all support this initiative and deal with the so called 'broken window' syndrome - you know, ignore areas of vandalism and neglect and before long the whole place deteriorates.

The Town Plan with Cllr. John Warren's leadership is progressing. At the end of the day the aim is an action based plan, which will inform and influence EHC and HCC to be sensitive towards Buntingford growth whilst retaining the basic characteristics of the Town.

A report on Regional Planning in November made clear that the East of England Plan retains full development plan status. Anglian Water is the main sewerage undertaker for the region as well as water supplier. A report submitted by Anglian Water, in conjunction with the Environmental Agency, restates the concerns on meeting water services to large-scale developments including Stevenage and East Herts.

The Civic Society Executive Committee will shortly respond to the questions raised by the Civic Society Initiative and it will be published on this website.

Derek K Cooper, Chairman.

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